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WMSE LIVE Interview

David Helpling & Jon Jenkins travel to Milwaukee for an in-depth interview with the always amazing Mary Bartlein!  It's all about "A Sea Without Memory" with Deep insights and revealing information on upcoming projects!

The Slowest of Waves

A behind the scenes look at David Helpling's first Ambient Guitar release "A Sea Without Memory".  Commentary from album Producer Jon Jenkins and David Helpling with in-studio footage tell the story of how this record came to be and how it was made.

New Release Trailer

Enter the world of A Sea Without Memory in brilliant 4K featuring the surreal cinematography of Shawn Malone and the creative mind of Director Joe Abreu

A Sea Without Memory


The first purely ambient guitar release from David Helpling.  A deep, immersive and very personal work that envelopes the listener in ever changing forms and colors. The swirling passages hide whale-like cries, bending tones and harmonic falls for the discerning listener to discover again and again. This digital release includes an extensive PDF booklet rich with dauntless and haunting photography from Shawn Malone...images which inspired much of the music and poetry within.  Wander, dream, and explore your way through A Sea Without Memory.

All this from one guitar...


Live, improvised, and inspired, every piece on A Sea Without Memory was created by David Helpling in one take.  Special modified guitars and an array of custom processors allow for a way of musical expression that is truly unique to David's world. Creating and exploring these spaces is something in which David finds endless wonder and is always approached with a child-like excitement. It can be heard and felt as these pieces build and grow into that kind of sound you only hear in David's guitar work. This is a sound woven throughout the epic Helpling/Jenkins trilogy as well as David's solo releases, but seldom heard alone.

Though not actually using a looping technique, Helpling created "Sunday Loops". A weekly YouTube series of spontaneous ambient guitar pieces set to Ultra HD visuals...often from cinematographer Shawn Malone.  Originally started to force David to pick up the guitar and experiment with new sounds every week, Sunday Loops became a ritual for many listeners...a way to end the week and drift into slumber with the music. "Delving into the space of ambient guitar every week really grew into something more profound than I had intended...it was the right time to create something special like this" - David Helpling

About the artist


Even as a teen, David always experimented with various effects and signal processors to create his sonic illusions. Together with a passion for synthesizers and percussion, this guitar sound solidified his unmistakable style and vision.

David’s debut release, Between Green and Blue, was a finalist for the INDIE Album-Of-The-Year award. On his second release, Sleeping On The Edge Of The World, he took this unmistakable style  to a deeper and more cinematic level.

Working with fellow artist Jon Jenkins, a lifelong dream was realized with the release of TREASURE. Its international success proved the merging of these two artists was explosive and limitless. Helpling and Jenkins pushed forward on their award-winning sophomore release THE CROSSING, leading listeners on an epic musical journey. Then, with the release of FOUND, the signature Helpling/Jenkins style and sound was solidified...completeing the journey in an enthralling climax and resolve. This record is considered to be their best work and received the ZMR Music Award for "Best Electronic Album of the Year".

While hard at work on his much anticipated third solo release, David felt a calling to create a pure ambient guitar-based work.  This concept was driven forward and brought to fruition by co-producer Jon Jenkins...whom without, A Sea Without Memory would just not be the same.